Monday, December 9, 2013

Deadzone revealed

So a little while back I happened upon a kickstarter from Mantic called Deadzone. Basically it a small skirmish style game for a 2x2 table size. The kickstarter enabled me to get in on the start of the game and get an awesome deal in starting figures which I intend to use not only for Deadzone, but also for Warpath and/or 40k in the future.

Anyway, back to my story. A little over 6 months ago the kickstarter concluded and I quickly discovered how crazy I was when I started planning my overall purchase of the oodles and oodles of figures.

Wave 1 Order:
Deadzone Early Bird Striketeam backer:
Deadzone Boxed game (Enforcer/Plague faction starter sets)
Marauder faction starter set
Rebels faction starter set
1 additional Enforcer faction starter set
1 additional Rebel faction starter set
4 Enforcer faction booster bundles(includes 2 Enforcer boosters + 1 Enforcer Specialist booster each)
2 Rebel faction booster bundles(includes 2 Rebel boosters + 1 Rebel Specialist booster each)
2 Core Works terrain sets

Well. Fast forward to December 1st when I received my teaser email saying that FedEx received a shipment notification for my kickstarter shipment. Woot. Wahoo. Can't wan't. Then on December 3rd I get another shipment notification?? Wait a minute, why I have received 2 shipment notices now. Guess its off to the kickstarter to check the comments. Sure enough, multiple people commenting they got shipment notices, and many saying they got 2. OK, concern averted. Looks to be a great Christmas for me after all.

Then it all hits the fan. I start reading comments daily, and so many people getting their stuff in terrible condition. Missing models, boxes damaged and/or destroyed. People having confusion over what they shoudl be getting. What will I get? Will I even get a package before Christmas? Hmm Shipping notice still says 'Initiated". HMPH.

December 6th a refresh of the FedEx shipping shows its been picked up. HUZZAH.
December 7th its made it from Great Britian all the way to Phoenix!!
December 9th at 9:20am its delivered!!!

Now, I happen to work from home and was on a conference call at 9:17am when my doorbell rang, and didn't get outside till 9:21 to see the FedEx driver making a U-Turn. A quick dash outside waving him down averted a really crummy wait for a re-delivery. Phew...

Now for the Un-boxing and the pics. I am sure most people are interested in that part.

First couple shots of the outer box. A little caved in on the top, but otherwise unharmed. Hopefully that means the insides are still good too.

Opened at lunch time. Hungry... Box is full of packing peanuts.. Mmmm.. peanuts.. Still, I don't think these are edible. Will have to get food and come back to this.

OK no more peanuts(I threw them away, didn't eat them, in case anyone was concerned)

Box Top and inside with lid removed

Core works sprues(Times 2) Seems like a crap ton of terrain.

Everything sorted and figures confirmed. I added labels to my bags(Oh how this would have helped the sorting process)


Marauders(and a slipped in Plague)

Rest of the Plague


So in conclusion: My final shipped items included everything except::
2 Enforcers with Assault Blades
1 set of Enforcer legs for the Heavy Rifle
2 Soraks from my 2nd Rebel Starter Faction
1 complete Rebel Booster Bundle(2x Boosters and 1 specialist booster)
Dreadball MVP

Stay tuned over the next several weeks as I start working on these beautiful models and post up new shots of each model as I complete the process of cleanup and assembly of the figures.

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