Saturday, November 1, 2008

Batrep: November 1st GT Primer

Hello everyone,

Just finished my games and the drive home from the GT primer held at Talon's Hideout in Mesa AZ. First I want to say, that although the drive was long, Talon's Hideout is a great store. Plenty of Gaming tables(Although space may get cramped with a lot of gamers in store) and the tables were well designed at standing height!

Additionally, although I wasn't there for video games, Chris has a serious pimped out video game setup with 2 separate rooms. One for computer games and another for X-Box which had multiple stations and looked like it would be a blast to play in. For me personally, I will be staying home to play, but in the absence of a computer or X-Box, Talon's would be an ideal store to get your gaming fix done!

Now that I got that out of the way, lets get on to the LotR games!.

First my list:

Dol Amroth Fiefdoms

Captain of Dol Amroth
12x Knights of Dol Amroth
9 Men-at-arms of Dol Amroth(1x Banner)
10 Rangers of Gondor(2x Spears)

Total Models: 32
Bows: 10

The Primer had 3 rounds; Storm the Camp, Reconnoitre, The Last Alliance. That last one is a new one that Dean and Tim have cooked up as a possible scenario for the February GT!

Game 1 (Storm the Camp) - Opponent Chris

Dol Amroth versus Wood Elves(Led by Legolas). This was a very one sided game from the beginning. Round 2 saw me use bow fire and get 3 wounds on Legolas that forced Chris to use all his fate and still ended up taking 1 wound. The remainder of the game was a slaughter as my Armored Knights moved up and chopped through the un-armored wood elves. This game ended with me killing the elves to a man(Or I guess and elf) and moving 3 models into his deployment zone for the major victory.

Outcome: Major Victory(15 pts)

Game 2 (Reconnoitre) - Opponent Sean

Dol Amroth version Black Numenorians. Ewe, this was not a good match up for either of us. Bumenorians of course are about the equivalent of an Evil based Dol Amroth army. Ultimately the highlights of this engagement was my Captain getting transfixed 3 straight turns but surviving the ensuing combats. The final of the game was called on time(and I think both Sean and I played as fast as we could go!)

Outcome: Draw(10 pts) Both of us accomplished getting 2 models each off the opposing table edge.

Game 3 (The Last Alliance) - Opponent Anthony

OK. When I said the last match up was bad, I didn't know this one was coming. Apparently, both Sean and I were tied for 2nd place in battle points and Anthony was 1st. As such it was a toss up and luck me, I got to play Anthony and his 'broken' ;) Fighting Uruk-hai. I say broken as a joke though. Really, this was the first time to play against these guys and MAN are they tough. Anthony killed me to a man, and had I understood how tough his guys were, I may have tried to alter my setup. Anyway, I was able to this his numbers down enough to prevent a Major Loss!

Outcome: Minor Loss(7 pts) This games outcome is based on Victory Points and Anthony needed to win my a margin of 176 to get Major. Alas I was able to kill enough to only leave a margin of 123... phew!

In all, I was 4th out of the ten players. I had a great time and Dean put on another great LotR tournament!

EDIT - Updated to include results sheet!