Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Batrep: Classic Battletech is on the Rise

I had my first game of Classic Battletech last evening (sorry no pictures this time). Boy has it been a long time. 15 years to be exact. Most of the game has stayed the same with only a few minor tweaks in the current edition. I was amazed at how quickly I was remembering aspects to the game, but how slow it actually resolved itself. I truly hope that the slowness of play was more an aspect of my long absence and trying to remember the game and not that is just is always that slow.

Overall the game I played was fun. I think officially it was a draw, but I think I was losing the game. I arrayed a Panther, Dervish, Dragon, and an Atlas against a Centurion, Dervish, Grasshopper and an Awesome. After 2 hours of play my Dervish was literally on fire from heat, and my Panther had been downs to a lost leg.

For game mechanics I can see very early that placement is important and cover is important also. Additionally, its very important to understand the level conditions and their effect of LOS. Many times we could see model to model, but the true LOS due to level terrain said otherwise. Using the level terrain to mask your 'mechs from the enemy is a great tactic and one I 'should' have used given the placement of terrain and my starting side.

Finally, I wanted to comment on the game rules themselves again. This is a game I hadn't played in over 15 years. In GW terms that is 4 versions ago. What amazed me is that the rules for the most part were the same ones I used before. A couple minor tweaks had been made, but overall it was the same game. Considering Battletech has been sold off multiple times during that time its great to see that the original game designers created such a great rule set that it truly has lasted the test of time.