Thursday, December 26, 2013

Deadzone: Enforcer Missile Launcher Conversion

OK. Completed the conversion of the Enforcer Missile Launcher.

Overall I think he came out well. I am not an expert on Green Stuff, but I think I gave an effective shape and lines to create dimension.

Let me know what you think. Next up will be shows of the models with their prime base coats. I think they look really good and this figure looks much better with paint on it to hide the greenstuff and help blend the model together.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Deadzone: Enforcer Engineer Conversion

Been a few days, but I have still been playing with ideas and working on a couple conversions of my Enforcers. First up today will be my Enforcer Engineer.

Mantic's base Engineer is a kneeling pose and since I had 2 of these guys, I really wanted to individualize them. To do that I decided to convert the Engineer to a standing pose as that would be the most dramatic change from the original sculpt. Looking at my model options I chose to actually swap the standing/kneeling poses between an Engineer and a Missile Launcher Enforcer. Here are the results of my Engineering endeavor.

First we have from back and side shots. Overall I am very happy with his look. A little greenstuff at the waste to blend the pieces together and all was well. I did have to hot water the guy to alter the stance so he wasn't leaning sideways, but that may have been due to my angle of cut on the legs. In any case the stance looks good now.

One thing taking pictures of a model does for you though is show you all the bad flash you missed in cleaning. I guess I still have some to clean off this guy.

Here is a Engineering conference with the new stance and original pose. What do you all think they are discussing?

And Finally, a standing shot with the original Missile Launcher Enforcer for a height comparison. Overall I think I have the height pretty well nailed here considering I am not a professional converted or artist.

Looking forward to your comments and criticisms.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Deadzone: Enforcer Command Team

So I thought I would post up shots of my final command/specialist team. I think they turned out quite well. What do you all think.

Now I will need to get some primer and paint on these to show how they look in color. Still trying to decide the paint scheme, but I am leaning on the Iron Man theme but still interested in what others think would look good for these guys.

And one last unpainted parting shot. Man he looks mean!

Deadzone: Enforcer Missile Launcher and Sentries

Finishing up my first round of Deadzone figures bring us the Missile Launcher Enforcer and Sentry Guns. So there were interesting models. Up first is the Enforce Missile Launcher.

First a parts shot. Only four pieces for this gut and a base. Not so bad.

Wait a minute... Is that platform shoes on this model. Oh and the base disk doesn't even fit properly in the round bases... this will have to be fixed.. I really only have one thing to say to Mantic here. 'Really??'

OK a couple fully assembled shot. Looking good I do say.

Look at that body armour on these guys. I am impressed on the details. I only wish my camera was ultra clear for you all.

Oh. And no more platform shoes. I think it sits pretty nice.

Next up we have the Sentry Guns. Sorry I didn't take a parts show, but really there was only the base, body and a gun, so not really much to show.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Deadzone: Enforcer (Engineer and Captain)

Got a little more work done last night. Miniature modeling and stuff takes a lot of time away from video games I have discovered. My WoT game seems to be neglected now that I have the modelling stuff to play with.

Anyways, up for update is the Enforcer Engineer. Model is a bit odd in configuration as he is kneeling, but instead of the sniper design, the Engineer is is so many pieces.

Here he is completely assembled. I would like to again add my distaste for the base design. That going to need filled again. On the plus side, the details of the model are very good. I am excited to start painting these guys once I have determined the paint scheme. Any thoughts yet? Still mulling that Iron Man myself...

And here he is with the base 'filled' Maybe I will skip this going forward and look to just do the bases with some sort of gravel/grass combo to hide that hideousness.

Next we have the Enforcer Captain in Peacekeeper Armour.

Parts here look great with very little flash. Although that cape mold line is atrocious. Will have to file that out for sure.

Also the assault blade had a nice little bend to it. Nothing that a hot water bath can't fix though.

All done and assembled. And the blade is straight now. :)

Cape line is filed out and looks 'ok' hopefully paint will help it the rest of the way.

And finally a little greenstuff where the cape attaches to blend those lines and make it more seamless.

So how is everyone liking these updates. What do you think of the models? Have you also bought into the Deadzone kickstarter? I would love to hear form those also working on their own Deadzone projects.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Deadzone: Enforcer Sniper

Yesterday I completed the un-boxing of my Deadzone kickstarter, and today I decided to start work on the models. First, I want to say that these pictures do not do the detail justice. I only wish I had a better camera with a macro setting to improve upon these.

The said, the first model I decided to work on is the Enforcer Sniper. He has a nice pose of kneeling down with gun up sighting in on a potential target. This should be a fun model to assemble.

So here is a parts shot. I had started some basic cleanup of the mold lines. They were not terrible on this model, but there were a few. One thing to note is the included mini-base on the figure. This basically sits in the normal bases and will have to be filled for a clean flat surface. Annoying but not completely impossible to fix.

Here we are with him fully assembled and some green stuff painted on to fill gaps. The key gap besides the base was the leg joint which looks to have filled nicely. Also the base gap covered well. Hopefully after a light sanding it will be smooth.

Here is a better shot showing the base and gap line. Is the slightly darker circle area the the right of the foot. Also I noticed I got some greenstuff on the left of the foot, so I will have to clean that away as well before starting any primer or painting effort.

Any thoughts on how I should paint these guys? This model doesn't show the facial design or body armor, but seriously these look like little Iron Man figures. Maybe I could go Tony Stark style for this army? What do you all think?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Deadzone revealed

So a little while back I happened upon a kickstarter from Mantic called Deadzone. Basically it a small skirmish style game for a 2x2 table size. The kickstarter enabled me to get in on the start of the game and get an awesome deal in starting figures which I intend to use not only for Deadzone, but also for Warpath and/or 40k in the future.

Anyway, back to my story. A little over 6 months ago the kickstarter concluded and I quickly discovered how crazy I was when I started planning my overall purchase of the oodles and oodles of figures.

Wave 1 Order:
Deadzone Early Bird Striketeam backer:
Deadzone Boxed game (Enforcer/Plague faction starter sets)
Marauder faction starter set
Rebels faction starter set
1 additional Enforcer faction starter set
1 additional Rebel faction starter set
4 Enforcer faction booster bundles(includes 2 Enforcer boosters + 1 Enforcer Specialist booster each)
2 Rebel faction booster bundles(includes 2 Rebel boosters + 1 Rebel Specialist booster each)
2 Core Works terrain sets

Well. Fast forward to December 1st when I received my teaser email saying that FedEx received a shipment notification for my kickstarter shipment. Woot. Wahoo. Can't wan't. Then on December 3rd I get another shipment notification?? Wait a minute, why I have received 2 shipment notices now. Guess its off to the kickstarter to check the comments. Sure enough, multiple people commenting they got shipment notices, and many saying they got 2. OK, concern averted. Looks to be a great Christmas for me after all.

Then it all hits the fan. I start reading comments daily, and so many people getting their stuff in terrible condition. Missing models, boxes damaged and/or destroyed. People having confusion over what they shoudl be getting. What will I get? Will I even get a package before Christmas? Hmm Shipping notice still says 'Initiated". HMPH.

December 6th a refresh of the FedEx shipping shows its been picked up. HUZZAH.
December 7th its made it from Great Britian all the way to Phoenix!!
December 9th at 9:20am its delivered!!!

Now, I happen to work from home and was on a conference call at 9:17am when my doorbell rang, and didn't get outside till 9:21 to see the FedEx driver making a U-Turn. A quick dash outside waving him down averted a really crummy wait for a re-delivery. Phew...

Now for the Un-boxing and the pics. I am sure most people are interested in that part.

First couple shots of the outer box. A little caved in on the top, but otherwise unharmed. Hopefully that means the insides are still good too.

Opened at lunch time. Hungry... Box is full of packing peanuts.. Mmmm.. peanuts.. Still, I don't think these are edible. Will have to get food and come back to this.

OK no more peanuts(I threw them away, didn't eat them, in case anyone was concerned)

Box Top and inside with lid removed

Core works sprues(Times 2) Seems like a crap ton of terrain.

Everything sorted and figures confirmed. I added labels to my bags(Oh how this would have helped the sorting process)


Marauders(and a slipped in Plague)

Rest of the Plague


So in conclusion: My final shipped items included everything except::
2 Enforcers with Assault Blades
1 set of Enforcer legs for the Heavy Rifle
2 Soraks from my 2nd Rebel Starter Faction
1 complete Rebel Booster Bundle(2x Boosters and 1 specialist booster)
Dreadball MVP

Stay tuned over the next several weeks as I start working on these beautiful models and post up new shots of each model as I complete the process of cleanup and assembly of the figures.