Thursday, December 12, 2013

Deadzone: Enforcer Missile Launcher and Sentries

Finishing up my first round of Deadzone figures bring us the Missile Launcher Enforcer and Sentry Guns. So there were interesting models. Up first is the Enforce Missile Launcher.

First a parts shot. Only four pieces for this gut and a base. Not so bad.

Wait a minute... Is that platform shoes on this model. Oh and the base disk doesn't even fit properly in the round bases... this will have to be fixed.. I really only have one thing to say to Mantic here. 'Really??'

OK a couple fully assembled shot. Looking good I do say.

Look at that body armour on these guys. I am impressed on the details. I only wish my camera was ultra clear for you all.

Oh. And no more platform shoes. I think it sits pretty nice.

Next up we have the Sentry Guns. Sorry I didn't take a parts show, but really there was only the base, body and a gun, so not really much to show.

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