Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Deadzone: Enforcer (Engineer and Captain)

Got a little more work done last night. Miniature modeling and stuff takes a lot of time away from video games I have discovered. My WoT game seems to be neglected now that I have the modelling stuff to play with.

Anyways, up for update is the Enforcer Engineer. Model is a bit odd in configuration as he is kneeling, but instead of the sniper design, the Engineer is is so many pieces.

Here he is completely assembled. I would like to again add my distaste for the base design. That going to need filled again. On the plus side, the details of the model are very good. I am excited to start painting these guys once I have determined the paint scheme. Any thoughts yet? Still mulling that Iron Man myself...

And here he is with the base 'filled' Maybe I will skip this going forward and look to just do the bases with some sort of gravel/grass combo to hide that hideousness.

Next we have the Enforcer Captain in Peacekeeper Armour.

Parts here look great with very little flash. Although that cape mold line is atrocious. Will have to file that out for sure.

Also the assault blade had a nice little bend to it. Nothing that a hot water bath can't fix though.

All done and assembled. And the blade is straight now. :)

Cape line is filed out and looks 'ok' hopefully paint will help it the rest of the way.

And finally a little greenstuff where the cape attaches to blend those lines and make it more seamless.

So how is everyone liking these updates. What do you think of the models? Have you also bought into the Deadzone kickstarter? I would love to hear form those also working on their own Deadzone projects.

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Jonny P said...

Great conversion work on the Enforcers... looking forward to more updates!