Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Deadzone: Enforcer Sniper

Yesterday I completed the un-boxing of my Deadzone kickstarter, and today I decided to start work on the models. First, I want to say that these pictures do not do the detail justice. I only wish I had a better camera with a macro setting to improve upon these.

The said, the first model I decided to work on is the Enforcer Sniper. He has a nice pose of kneeling down with gun up sighting in on a potential target. This should be a fun model to assemble.

So here is a parts shot. I had started some basic cleanup of the mold lines. They were not terrible on this model, but there were a few. One thing to note is the included mini-base on the figure. This basically sits in the normal bases and will have to be filled for a clean flat surface. Annoying but not completely impossible to fix.

Here we are with him fully assembled and some green stuff painted on to fill gaps. The key gap besides the base was the leg joint which looks to have filled nicely. Also the base gap covered well. Hopefully after a light sanding it will be smooth.

Here is a better shot showing the base and gap line. Is the slightly darker circle area the the right of the foot. Also I noticed I got some greenstuff on the left of the foot, so I will have to clean that away as well before starting any primer or painting effort.

Any thoughts on how I should paint these guys? This model doesn't show the facial design or body armor, but seriously these look like little Iron Man figures. Maybe I could go Tony Stark style for this army? What do you all think?

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