Thursday, December 19, 2013

Deadzone: Enforcer Engineer Conversion

Been a few days, but I have still been playing with ideas and working on a couple conversions of my Enforcers. First up today will be my Enforcer Engineer.

Mantic's base Engineer is a kneeling pose and since I had 2 of these guys, I really wanted to individualize them. To do that I decided to convert the Engineer to a standing pose as that would be the most dramatic change from the original sculpt. Looking at my model options I chose to actually swap the standing/kneeling poses between an Engineer and a Missile Launcher Enforcer. Here are the results of my Engineering endeavor.

First we have from back and side shots. Overall I am very happy with his look. A little greenstuff at the waste to blend the pieces together and all was well. I did have to hot water the guy to alter the stance so he wasn't leaning sideways, but that may have been due to my angle of cut on the legs. In any case the stance looks good now.

One thing taking pictures of a model does for you though is show you all the bad flash you missed in cleaning. I guess I still have some to clean off this guy.

Here is a Engineering conference with the new stance and original pose. What do you all think they are discussing?

And Finally, a standing shot with the original Missile Launcher Enforcer for a height comparison. Overall I think I have the height pretty well nailed here considering I am not a professional converted or artist.

Looking forward to your comments and criticisms.

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