Monday, April 28, 2008

Rangers or Arnor

Finally. I have completed the work on my box of Rangers of Arnor. These were great models to build. Basically a rundown of colors are:

  1. Undercoat Black
  2. Calthan Brown
  3. Tallarn Flesh
  4. Mechite Red
  5. Iyanden Darksun
  6. Knarloc Green
  7. Mithral Silver
  8. Chainmail
  9. Shining Gold
  10. Brown Ink
  11. Flesh Wash


  1. Parasite Brown
  2. Goblin Green

Wonder Wash

  1. Original
  2. Dark Green
  3. Dirty Dark Brown

Here are some shots of the models. Overall I like them except for my skintones and faces. I just can't get them to look good.

The Deathwatch

The Deathwatch are a highly elite force specializing in countering the incursions of aliens that threaten the freedoms and lives of Mankind. They are equiped with unique weapons designed to neutralize xenos predators. It is by their work, that our lives remain free of the foul xenos in the galaxy.

So, I finally obtained a complete set of Deathwatch marines. Lucky my, they were already painted and to a VERY high degree. I think they look great so I wanted to give everyone a chance to see these beautiful models.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, First off I want to apologize to those who have been visiting, but haven’t been getting any new posts. Due to work, I have been in Chicago all last week which seriously has affected my online time and my painting time. :(

On the good side though, is that while I was away I have actually acquired models for 2 more game systems to play. So I should have a better variety of models showing up in the future. The new games include Warmachine(Cygnar) and Battlefleet Gothic(Eldar and Ork).

I have never played BFG before, but use to have a Khador Warmachine army. I know the Warmachine rules have changed, so I will have to relearn, but am excited to play a new army.

So, long story kept short, expect more updates. I also have some shots of some recent acquisitions of painted models that I think I should show off.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Batrep: Second game of LotR

Well, I played my second game and it went a lot bettre. I was defeated, but only gave up a minor victory to my opponent, so that was good.

Run down of the forces was:

Gondor, Unsure of the specific models, but 33 models in total with 1 hero and a banner carrier.

2 Rangers of the North(Spears)
11 Rangers of Arnor
Elf Captain(Heavy Armor, Shield, Bow)
5 Elf Warriors(Heavy Armor, Bow, Sword)

Now I know I have an error in my list. Teaches me to not use Army Builder ahead of time.

Overall game gave a minor vistory to Gondor as they moved 6 men off my table edge, while I only moved 4 rangers and 1 elf off his edge.

Great game played, but we did forget to check courage when Gondor fell below 50% casualties. Also I discovered how tough elves really are in Heavy Armor.

Can't wait for another game.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Betrep: First Game of LotR

Well, It finally came time. I got to play my first ever game of LotR SBG. It's a great game. The strategy is so much more in the movement of the models. Game flowed quickly and was overall a fun time.

Rundown of the game went as follows:


  • Eomer (Mounted with Shield)
  • 6 Riders of Rohan (Bow)
  • 4 Riders of Rohan (Throwing Spears)
  • 8 Riders of Rohan (Hand Weapons)


  • Orc Captain
  • 8 Orcs (Bows)
  • 4 Orcs (2-handed weapons)
  • 12 Orcs (Hand Weapons/Shield)
  • 12 Orcs (Spears)

My count of the Evil force is probably incorrect as I am mainly going from memory.

  • First turn, good has priority and charges ahead while the vile Orcs advance their skirmish lines. No bows were in range so we moved on to the next turn.
  • Turn 2 found more favor for the good side and the Riders advanced along while trying to stay within cover areas. The Orcs continued forward while their archers held back to create an archery line that fell short of the Rohan Archers. The opposite was not the case however as the Rohan archers fired at range to devastating effect by killing 2 of the Orc ground force.
  • Turn 3 found favor once more with the Rohan as the charged forward into close combat with the horrid Orc line. As batter commenced the Rohan archers opened up again with a volley of arrows only felling a single Orc, while Rohan's spearmen dropped another. Combat was overall a draw with Orcs killing two riders, and Rohan killing 3 Orcs. Tough hide makes it tough to kill them.
  • Turn 4 was a disaster for the forces of good however as the evil side got priority and immediately moved into combat with the riders preventing the cavalry bonuses. This turn ended with a decided evil win as Rohan’s beloved Eomer fell to Orc blades. This basically spelled doom for Rohan as without their leader, the remaining riders lost the faith to continue the battle and were wiped from the field.

Again, Overall a fun game, and I look forward to next week as I get to play some more, hopefully, with my primary army of Rangers and Elves. Wait until then when the forces of good, show the vile, evil denizens of Mordor what Orc-pincushion means.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

TE - Commander Shi'frre

Figured since I uploaded my completed O'Shovah, I needed to post about my first Tau custom job also. This model was a blast. Here are some WIP-prepainted shots;

After working on some cool mods, including Irridium Armour, Vectored Thrusters and a Stimulant Injector I completed painting the model in a nice forest camo style.

Basic rundown of the painting process was:
  • Primed model Chaos Black.
  • Mixed a batch of Americana DecoArt Evergreen with water(50/50 mix).
  • Airbrushed 2 coats of thinned mix over entire model.
  • Sponge painted AppleBarrel Kelly Green paint over parts of model to create camoflage pattern.
  • Added detail colors and Sept markings.
  • Dipped model in Minwax for shading effects.
  • Final spray coat of Matte Seal.

TE - O'shovah

Finally got around to posting these up. Had fun building the model of Commander Farsight. No WIP, but here is the final model.

I think the colors came out well on him.