Sunday, April 20, 2008

Batrep: Second game of LotR

Well, I played my second game and it went a lot bettre. I was defeated, but only gave up a minor victory to my opponent, so that was good.

Run down of the forces was:

Gondor, Unsure of the specific models, but 33 models in total with 1 hero and a banner carrier.

2 Rangers of the North(Spears)
11 Rangers of Arnor
Elf Captain(Heavy Armor, Shield, Bow)
5 Elf Warriors(Heavy Armor, Bow, Sword)

Now I know I have an error in my list. Teaches me to not use Army Builder ahead of time.

Overall game gave a minor vistory to Gondor as they moved 6 men off my table edge, while I only moved 4 rangers and 1 elf off his edge.

Great game played, but we did forget to check courage when Gondor fell below 50% casualties. Also I discovered how tough elves really are in Heavy Armor.

Can't wait for another game.

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