Friday, April 11, 2008

Betrep: First Game of LotR

Well, It finally came time. I got to play my first ever game of LotR SBG. It's a great game. The strategy is so much more in the movement of the models. Game flowed quickly and was overall a fun time.

Rundown of the game went as follows:


  • Eomer (Mounted with Shield)
  • 6 Riders of Rohan (Bow)
  • 4 Riders of Rohan (Throwing Spears)
  • 8 Riders of Rohan (Hand Weapons)


  • Orc Captain
  • 8 Orcs (Bows)
  • 4 Orcs (2-handed weapons)
  • 12 Orcs (Hand Weapons/Shield)
  • 12 Orcs (Spears)

My count of the Evil force is probably incorrect as I am mainly going from memory.

  • First turn, good has priority and charges ahead while the vile Orcs advance their skirmish lines. No bows were in range so we moved on to the next turn.
  • Turn 2 found more favor for the good side and the Riders advanced along while trying to stay within cover areas. The Orcs continued forward while their archers held back to create an archery line that fell short of the Rohan Archers. The opposite was not the case however as the Rohan archers fired at range to devastating effect by killing 2 of the Orc ground force.
  • Turn 3 found favor once more with the Rohan as the charged forward into close combat with the horrid Orc line. As batter commenced the Rohan archers opened up again with a volley of arrows only felling a single Orc, while Rohan's spearmen dropped another. Combat was overall a draw with Orcs killing two riders, and Rohan killing 3 Orcs. Tough hide makes it tough to kill them.
  • Turn 4 was a disaster for the forces of good however as the evil side got priority and immediately moved into combat with the riders preventing the cavalry bonuses. This turn ended with a decided evil win as Rohan’s beloved Eomer fell to Orc blades. This basically spelled doom for Rohan as without their leader, the remaining riders lost the faith to continue the battle and were wiped from the field.

Again, Overall a fun game, and I look forward to next week as I get to play some more, hopefully, with my primary army of Rangers and Elves. Wait until then when the forces of good, show the vile, evil denizens of Mordor what Orc-pincushion means.


Jerry said...

Nice post and nice blog! I added your blog to mine. I just missed your game tonight, too! Turns out that we have met before, but it has been more than a year ago. I was asking for you at the store, that's how I know.

Anyway, subscribed to your blog. So I'll be watching!

jlong05 said...

Bummer, Would have liked to have had more time to play tonight, but only have a sitter for a period. It was fun though. I will be back next weekend though after the Ard Boyz tournament, so 6pm to later. Maybe we can get a game in then.

Drunken Samurai said...

Thanks for the game! I am glad you enjoyed it. The more you play the better the game gets.

jlong05 said...

Yeah, I want a rematch with my correct army. I have most of the figures now. Just need to order some blisters from GW which may take a week or so. Actually, with me in Chicago the week of the 21st, I may see about hitting the GW store there and pick them up in person.

Anyways, Its my elves and rangers against your vile orcs next time. ;)

Sean Ramirez (dvdhwk) said...

Nice write up. I'm looking forward to getting some more games in this weekend.