Thursday, April 10, 2008

TE - Commander Shi'frre

Figured since I uploaded my completed O'Shovah, I needed to post about my first Tau custom job also. This model was a blast. Here are some WIP-prepainted shots;

After working on some cool mods, including Irridium Armour, Vectored Thrusters and a Stimulant Injector I completed painting the model in a nice forest camo style.

Basic rundown of the painting process was:
  • Primed model Chaos Black.
  • Mixed a batch of Americana DecoArt Evergreen with water(50/50 mix).
  • Airbrushed 2 coats of thinned mix over entire model.
  • Sponge painted AppleBarrel Kelly Green paint over parts of model to create camoflage pattern.
  • Added detail colors and Sept markings.
  • Dipped model in Minwax for shading effects.
  • Final spray coat of Matte Seal.

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