Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Round Robin (Tom Bombadil)

So the guys over at AWC came up with this cool experiment called the Round Robin Painting Event. The idea was that each painter would select a single 25mm based model and assign 1 of 4 tasks to various painters and then ship the model off. Each painter would complete his/her task and then mail the model to the next person in line.

Well, the first of those models has finally made it to me for basing work. But before I go over what I did, let us take a look at the model throughout the process. Remember that at each step the model was painted by a new painter and so the overall result is a collaborative effort.

First Lets identify the model owner and selected painters.

BrentS decided to do Tom Bombadil.

His selected painters are:
Basecoat: BostonNazgul
Details: Knitemare
Washes/Hightlights: Mouth of Sauron
Basing: JLong05

Now I do not have a primed picture, but I assume he was all black. Below are the pictures after BostonNazgul had completed the base coat colors on good old Tom.

Details were completed by Knitemare, but alas pictures were unavailable, I believe the forces of Mordor somehow caused a failure in the photo process, rendering any pictures at that time un-viewable. Sad really as Tom really did look good after his details had been completed.

Next up was Mouth of Sauron(aka Smeagol) who worked next on completing highlights and shading. Here are the completed shots of Tom after his highlighting was done.

Last was myself(jlong05). I had the final job of basing the model. As I had a blank slate I really spent some time thinking over the 'best' look for a base. Taking into account Tom and his surrounding, I just got this feeling of fields of grass with some occasional stones. In fact the pose is almost as if Tom is pondering how to clear his grassy field. Anyway, this ended up making my decision and so after applying a base of Ceramic Stucco and painting it browns for earth tones I then added the slate for rocks. Last I added static grass to the entire base to give the effect of Tom standing in the middle of his grassy field.

Here are some additional shots of the final model.

So tell me what you all think. I know this wasn't done completely by me, but what do you think of the idea of multiple painters/modelers collaborating of a model to create a single finished product? For me it was fun. Stay tuned as additional models I am involved with show up and I detail their travels and process.


RonSaikowski said...

This seems like a blast to be involved in and you get a cool model in the end.

jlong05 said...

Yeah the final model does look cool. Only wish I get to keep him. Unfortunately I don't, but I will get my model back. I chose Aragorn for the Round Robin and have seen his in progress shots which looked good so far.

Peter said...

Looks like a good idea, we might steal this for our club, it'd be fun to do with 40K as we ALL have or are starting a space marine force

Dean said...

jlong, looking really nice. Your work is improving very nicely.

jlong05 said...

Peter; Yes, this was a very fun idea. I wish I had come up with it, but it was anotehr AWC member. Anyway, I look forward to future attempts at this. A 40k instance could be fun, but I think you would have to do whole units instead, just to keep the look the same.

Dean; Wish I could take credit for the entire model but I can't. I oly did the basing, which I do agree came out well. See you Saturday for GitD!

thereandblogagain said...

As the proud owner of Tom, I can saw without hesitation that he came out great. It was a fun project for sure. Everyone did a great job.

This was a great post John. Somehow I missed it before. I really should put Tom up on my blog too.

jlong05 said...

Yeah, I figured he should have a blog post to track his history. I will probably do the same with Aragorn when I get him back.