Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Red Dragon(Part 2)

So, I got the model primed this morning before work and snapped a couple pictures. First after the issues I ran into with using 'Clear Gesso' for priming(See this previous article), I decided to get some Black Gesso from Michaels for this model. I did not want the graininess that I was seeing on the AI models. Here are some shots of the Ent goobered up. I basically used the Gesso right out of the container without thinning it. My understanding is you get better coverage without detail loss.

Eight hours later: Well its been all day and the Gesso is dried. See the shots below. As you can see there is still very good detail and it appears only a couple spots need a second touch up of Gesso. I put this into the success column.

After the touch up was dried I added a all over base coat of Delta Ceramcoat ' Burnt Umber' I felt this gives a nice dark brown base color that I can then build up from with lighter browns. Also the darker color should give me a richer color in the shadows. Hopefully we will see this in later color applications. I also used this as a base coat for the base itself. Later colors will not match though as I want a contrast between the model and its scenic base.

After the base coat was fully dried I applied a heavy dry brushing of Delta Ceramcoat 'Brown Iron Oxide'. This is the first of a few lighter shades of brown to give the wood grain nice definition.

Well. So far I think I am getting along quite well. There is nothing like having to catch up on painting and having a looming deadline coming up soon. Hopefully I will get this done and be happy with the final finished work.

Tell me what you all think. Obviously I am still early on in this effort and would welcome any comments and suggestions to help get this model to be a top notch finished product!


RonSaikowski said...

Looking good. I tried the gesso thing the other day ( on a FW piece) and found it to cover up too much detail once it dried.
I even put it on a little thinner just to make sure I didn't have any problems.

Nice to see the cheap paints being put to good use though, that's all I use.

Tim Kulinski said...

Man, when I first saw the first picture I thought what the heck happened!

Just curious, why are you using the Gesso instead of a black spray primer?

Looking good thought, look forward to seeing it finished, keep it up John...

jlong05 said...

Ron: Yeah, I was a little concerned when I saw the Gesso concerned you posted about. I think the resin models show so much more detail though that the metal and plastic models do. I am glad that the model I did didn't have the same problems.

Tim: I chose to try the Gesso after seeing the article on Ron's site. Plus, I have noticed I get at worst the same coverage as I do with the spray primer, and the coat is better, flatter, and not as prone to problems due to weather. As it was raining here when I originally Gessod the model, the spray paint would have been more of a hassle.

Oh, Gesso doesn't smell either so I can paint it on in the house without complaints from the family.