Thursday, February 12, 2009

Red Dragon(Part 3)

Well, it has been another two days and I have gotten a lot done. Even considering being sick most of that time. Well I did my final dry brush coat using Americana Khaki Tan paint. This gave a great final contrasting color for the edges of the tree bark.

I also wanted to get the eyes done. This was completed using a slight dab of Red with a highlight of thinned Yellow paint. This allowed the red to show through and not be over powered by the yellow color. See the close-up of the face below.

So the next step was to paint the 'bad' bark areas. This was done using a base coat of thinned Ceramcoat Charcoal with 2 highlights. The first was a dry brushing of Apple Barrel Pewter Grey and then a final highlight of a 50/50 mix of the Pewter Grey and White. This final highlight was designed to just grab the highest points of the bark area to gain a bit more definition in the contours.

I also added a 50/50 mix of Ceramcoat Green with Americana Lemon Yellow to get a Lichen/Moss color that was applied to various locations of the Ent model. I think this goes to highlight him better and lends more credence to the 'tree' look and feel.

Last I wanted to complete the base. So far I just have grass added after multiple coats of various shades of Browns. I will probably add some slate rock and give that a little highlight colors as well as I feel the base is still a little bare imho.

Here are some additional final close-ups of the leaves and bark that I painted. I think these look great and hope that the extra effort helps in the upcoming painting contest. As this will be my first ever entry into a painting competition, I think I have done a solid first time job.

So again, I ask for your thoughts on the painting and modeling of the Ent. I am very happy with the model, while I know many have expressed dislike over this model, I found it to be fun to model. In fact, I wouldn't mind picking up another model, which given the extra parts would allow me to create it plus have extra limbs for when the plastic Ents are released in the coming months.

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