Monday, February 9, 2009

Not exactly a 'Red Dragon'

That's right. It's not exactly a 'Red Dragon' but it IS my Red Dragon entry. Or hopefully will be! Basically, I am getting a very late start on this, but am optimistic that I will be able to rise to the task and finish the work on my Red Dragon entry prior to the GitD event.

As this is my first attempt at a painting competition, I wanted something that wouldn't 'kill' me in my effort of painting and getting the right texture and colors. Additionally, I have done in my opinion some great stuff for terrain, and Ents are almost terrain.

So far I have completed the assembly, greenstuff and base. He IS NOT coming off that base either as I have pinned and greenstuffed him to it. He is very secure. I think I will be going with a color set that is more in the darker shades of brown and am planning to use Woodland Scenics material for foliage.

Hopefully this all come out looking good as I would really like to have a solid showing in the competition, although, having seen some of the models that will be in it the competition as well, I am probably dreaming!

Here is a final close-up of the Ent. Next update should be primed and hopefully base coated as well. Fingers Crossed.

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