Friday, February 13, 2009

Red Dragon(Part 4) Base Completed

Oh my heck. I received a pile of comments on multiple sites for this model and I want to say Thank You to everyone who gave me suggestions and comments. Your input was greatly appreciated.

As I received such an outpouring of comments, I felt it necessary to use their recommendations and expand on the basing that I had done. I wasn't fully happy with the base previously, but with suggestions of really adding material to represent the crowded Fangorn Forest floor, I felt the need to add some additional work onto the model. I think it really does help make the model stand out even more. So again. Thanks for the comments!

Above is the final model as a complete picture. I felt close-ups of the base alone wouldn't put the entire model in the right perspective. I also included shots of the front and back of the model's base to show the dense forest growth and the narrow paths that I envision to be part of traveling through Fangorn Forest.

So. As a final update prior to my display base being completed (Hopefully before next Friday) I hope to get your final thoughts on my entry and what you all think my chances are if this was entered into a GT painting competition. I know its always an unknown on who will enter, but in general what are the thoughts?

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