Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Batrep: Grey Company vs Gondor

So I finally got a chance to try out my LotR army list in a primer game. Jerry, aka Incitatus, was gracious enough to field his Men of Gondor against my Grey Company.

Scenario: Contest of Champions

Good: The Grey Company

Aragorn's Return(Grey Company) - 600pts

  • Aragorn(Anduril, Bow, Elven Cloak)
  • 3x Rangers of Arnor
  • Ranger of the North(Spear)
  • 3x Rangers of Arnor(Spear)
  • Ranger of the North(Spear)
  • 3x Rangers of Arnor(Spear)
  • Ranger of the North(Spear)
  • 2x Rangers of Arnor(Spear)
  • Rangers of Arnor
  • Ranger of the North
  • 3x Rangers of Arnor
  • Ranger of the North
  • 3x Rangers of Arnor
  • Ranger of the North
  • 3x Rangers of Arnor
Model Count: 28
Might: 9 + Mighty Warrior
Bow Count: 28

Evil: Gondor/White Tower

  • Boromir(Horn of Gondor, Horse)
  • Beregond(Longbow)
  • Warrior of Minas Tirith(Banner)
  • 8 Warrior of Minas Tirith(Spear)
  • 8 Warrior of Minas Tirith
  • 9 Warrior of Minas Tirith(Bow)
  • 6 Guard of Fountain Court(Spear, Shield)
  • 6 Knights of Minas Tirith(Lance, Shield)

Model Count: 39
Might: 7
Bow Count: 9

In the haste to get started, I neglected to get a table shot to show the terrain placement, but basically Gondor was funneled around some hills placed closer to Jerry's table edge while The Grey Company had an open field of fire, but limited cover options.

Grey Company lined up at the start in a Volley Line.

Gondor grouped their force along the side of the table with the Knights able to race down the edge.

After the first round of movement and firing (which only The Grey Company ever fired a single bow) the first casualty was taken by Gondor. Killed the Horse and threw the rider.

Rider Down.

So basically the game flowed with Gondor moving full towards the Grey Company, while the Grey Company advanced more cautiously and continued to fire bows. Bows worked well for me, even given the superior army and defense values that Gondor presented. Of the 6 knights and Boromir, only 2 Knights and Boromir ever made combat, and the combat was stolen by The Rangers of the North who used a Might point to move into combat preventing the charge from the cavalry. During the combat, 1 Knight was outright, 1 survived, and Boromir was de-horsed. The following round saw a massed amount of combats taking place with few casualties on either side, however Boromir had a dismal day of fighting as his only kills totaled 2 models.

On the other side of the hill, the remaining Gondor forces, led by Beregond, engaged the remaining 3 groups of Rangers and Aragorn and his rangers. This started out to look like it would be a blood bath with Aragorn carving his way through the Gondor ranks, but alas I misjudged the terrain and forgot about the higher ground rule, which Godor held. Unfortunately, due to this oversight, Aragorn failed to break the line, even after calling a Heroic Combat :(. As such, Aragorn also only claimed 2 kills for the day (one of which was sadly by bow, which means his Mighty Warrior, plethora of attacks, and Anduril only accounted for a single kill. Not really a value given the cost of Anduril and Aragorn in general.

Overall it was a great game and I think both Jerry and I learned a lot about our individual armies and the game flow. Here is how the game broke down.

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