Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rangers of the North

After getting other things sorted in my daily life I have now had enough time to complete the work on my unit of Rangers of the North which I feel came out very well. The pictures don't do them justice I feel, but you have to have pics to see them so oh well.

I chose to use a different coloring scheme for these versus the Rangers of Arnor I completed last. The cloaks on these I chose to go more grey with a green Wonder Wash overcoat. I think it makes them stand out very nice against the basic troops in my army.

Remaining on the list of to-paint items for the upcoming Indy GT include 6 Dunedain, Halbarad, and Aragorn. Hopefully, I can get some practice in soon with this force so I am use to playing them. I look forward to having the MIght bonus that Aragorn provides in the game


RonSaikowski said...

You're right, the pictures don't show them off the best. I can tell you though that I do like the bases, the one big rock on each one along with the grass makes for a nice effect throughout the squad.

jlong05 said...

Oh my.. How horrid. The osted images were even worse than the original untouched pics. I have re-taken the pics and they are better now. Sorry about that everyone. Hopefully, your eyes still work, and no harm came to your PCs do to displaying those poor attempts at photography.

RonSaikowski said...

Much better, thanks. I might steal the rock idea for a future squad of mine... I do like the look the more I see it.

jlong05 said...

Yeah, the bases do look pretty good. If you compare to my post of the Rangers of Arnor froma few weeks back you will see they also all have this.

My plan is to have my entire LotR army with this same design. I was trying for something that would better represent the Northern Kingdom terrain.

If you are interested in this design, I have been doing it by using GW Medium Basing Slate(large rock), GW Modeling Sand(remainder of base cover) and then adding GW grass(small area for color definition)

RonSaikowski said...

Thanks for the "how to."

Seems fairly easy enough, I like the look of the static grass in general depending on the overall theme of the base... I didn't get the chance to use it on my most recent army but I might find a way to incorporate it next time around.