Friday, January 9, 2009

The Ruinous Powers have taken hold

To start this blog post, I would like to first say that I have been gaming and collecting 40k models and armies for a good six or so years now. During that entire time I have been able to stay away from the Chaos cults, although I was known to dabble with C'Tan gods and even have seen an Ork uprising here and there. But the powers of Chaos were kept soundly at bay.

Not anymore! Through a successful large trade with someone out of the country, I was able to obtain a fairly large(2000pt+) Chaos Space Marines army. Additionally, these models mostly came painted and to what I consider a Tabletop+ standard, which is great for me. I really have too much to paint already.

The CSM army has a few options for HQ, including a CSM Lord, Sorcerer, Greater Summoned Daemon and a winged Daemon Prince.

The Daemon Prince shows a color style similar to the marines of the army. I am still trying to decide if I will be keeping that armor color(Probably as I don't want to repaint everything). Additionally the detail work is simply perfect. I do have some minor repair work to do due to damage during shipping, but a little greenstuff where the wings meet the back and some new paint should fix that up nice and perfect.

The Greater Summoned Daemon is actually a Keeper of Secrets model. It is also very well painted and includes some conversion work, including a loyalist marine being crushed in its claw.

Here is a shot of the marine, I think he may be a Black Templar, who is fighting to the bitter end. And it does look like he will have a very bitter end at that. ;)

For Heavy support models I got not one but six Obliterators which is enough to run a full cult HS list. It would probably be better having three sets of three, but two sets of three, or three sets of two will work pretty good also.

Additionally, I got 2 Predators with Magnetic weapons which will allow for alternate weapon choices. I didn't get any picture of the preds yet, but they are painted the s

Here is one of the three Rhinos I also received. It appears that all my traitor marines will be riding to battle, and in style! :) Overall the paint on these are well done and clean. I am very happy with the vehicle models as a whole.

Last is some shots of one of my CSM squads. The Sergeant is modeled using magnets for the arms which allow optional changes. Also the marines came heavily outfitted as a Melta army(I think I have two meltagun marines for each squad. This will provide some serious anti army punch will be good as I tend to be light it anti-armor units.

Here are some individual pics of the Sergeant, Meltagun marine and one with a back pole I am thinking of converting to a custom banner.


Drunken Samurai said...

Wow! Very nice.

jlong05 said...

Thank you. I wish I could take credit for the painting work, but it really wasn't me. I have decided to probably go back over everything with my Micron pen and cleanup the black lining work. I did it on one of the Korne Berzerkers and it does look better.

The Hammer said...

Well done! I love the paint job. That Rhino looks fantastic.

The Hammer said...

LOL! I didn't see your response to Drunken Samurai! In any case, a great looking army. My compliments to the hobbyist.

jlong05 said...

Yes, I have also complimented him on his work. I will be going through and redoing all the bases to have a unified style and color to them, so stay tuned as I make updates for that. Should be in the next month!