Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

So 2008 has now passed us all by and it's 2009 we all have to look forward to now. For me this new year is going to be a growing experience. Single income family while my wife continues her education will be new and something I fully look forward to! Typically, the new year brings many things to everyone's lives by way of resolutions. In the past, I chose to view a resolution as just another thing to fail at as I rarely kept my resolution longer than a week or two. This year however will be different.

My resolution for 2009 will be more regular Blog updates with more varied content. At this point I have discovered my time is very limited for my hobbies, as I have so many now, and so I plan to expand my Blog to cover more of my hobbies. This new content will include my take on things such as miniature tabletop gaming, video games and even books I read. I have a very cyclic nature for my time and one month may play and model exclusively for LotR, where the next I don't touch gaming at all as I delve into my novel collection for more reading and the next month all I do is stay up playing the Xbox.

Stay tuned as I work toward keeping my resolution this year and also bring more varied content for us all to discuss and comment on.


Drunken Samurai said...

SOunds like a good plan. I can't wait to see your progress.

jlong05 said...

Well stay tuned. I should have a long post update with shots of my nearly finalized Fiefdoms army. I actually have a couple bases to do a couple minor touches on and then I need to start working on my display stand for the GT. In addition to the pics I will be giving a brief overview of my most recent battles(against Dragi and Dean)

I am also hoping to have an update on my Upcoming Chaos Marines army that I am getting. I will need to work on the painting a little and am hoping to have it ready for the May 40k GT as well.

Fiefdoms should be updated tomorrow some time.

Jerry said...

Great resolution.... I'll have to steal it! I look forward to reading about your other endeavors.