Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dol Amroth Completed


OK. I finished. It only took two days longer than expected. Considering that I used only regular paints available at the local Michaels, I think the look came out exceptionally well. The only exception to my paint usage was the Metallics which are GW and the wash which was a mixture of green and blue WonderWash.

Now if only I could accomplish taking solid photos that do not blue the images. I guess its one step at a time.

imrahil-foot2 imrahil-foot3

So the first model to highlight is the Commander of my forces, Imrahil. Both the Foot and Mounted versioned I received through a trade and so were already assembled, although they were still unprimed. This allowed me to design my paint scheme from the ground up, without having to cover up someone's style. My painting method is similar to the GW standard except my capes are all blue instead of inside white and exterior blue. I think the solid blue give a lot of definition against the armor personally.

imrahil-mtd1 imrahil-mtd2

I chose to go white for the horse, in fact all the horse you will see are white. First, I did this as it was my primer color, and secondly, I wanted to try my hand at painting white which isn't very easy.


Next, we take a look at the knights of Dol Amroth. These are the elite warriors of Dol Amroth and are without equal on the battlefield. First, I worked on the mounted knights. These are the biggest part of my new army, and the one unit set I am most interested in playing as I have had no cavalry in my past army (Grey Company). I hope to use these warriors to bolster my lines and help with engaging other mounted units or making quick dashes to the enemy back lines to eliminate bow fire.


Last, we see my standard knights on foot. Overall I have 15 of these, but initially will only be playing 10 - 12 of them. This will allow me spare models for knights knocked from their mounts. These models with their high defense should be used to center my offensive and defensive lines with strong fighting models. Behind these I will be supporting the knights with Grey Company rangers to give the much needed Bow fire to the army and provide spear support where needed.


Eventually, I plan to add a Captain, Banner and standard Men-at-arms to fill out the army itself to 600 pts. By doing this, I will also have options for fielding the Dol Amroth knights without Imrahil, who is actually quite expensive of a model. My substituting a standard Captain and Banner I could save points providing more models on the table. But that is a plan for the future.

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