Thursday, July 24, 2008

The fleet has arrived

Well. It has been a bit of time in the making. I acquired these wonderful models a few months back (like four) and only recently got enough time to actually do something about them. It might have something to do with my new display cases I picked up, as now I have a great place to store and show them off.

Overall I have no idea how good or bad this fleet would be in actual games as I have never played any Battle Fleet Gothic, but I am eager to start playing just for a chance to try out this fleet.

I had a good time assembling the models. Many were already painted so first I had to strip all the old paint from the models and get them ready for new colors. I think the original color scheme was an Ulthwe force, but I decided that the colors needed something more. I chose instead to create my own craftworld color scheme that was a base of a mix of Dark Blue and a Basic Purple. After that I added highlights in a bright red. All the painting was completed using my airbrush with provided me a nice smooth finish over all coats of paint.

Here are some additional shot of the models. Hope everyone likes. I don't have a good studio photo area, but maybe that will be a future purchase so I can get better pictures.


Boss Salvage said...

Cool stuff and a nice looking fleet. I like the scheme but my only suggestion would be to possibly pick out the gun barrels and such with a little metal? Or not, considering they're all probably wraithbone nonsense and made of the same stuff as the ship ...

BFG really is a lot of fun, pretty simple rules that translate into a very tactical game. Played only a couple games with my chaos fleet so far but they've been great (couple posts over in my blog if you're interested).

- Salvage

jlong05 said...

Yeah, I was thinking of picking details and came to the same conclusion that everything is Wraithbone so it would all blend.

Thanks for the comments though and I will have to give your blog a look to see how your BFG fleet did.