Monday, October 27, 2008

Fiefdoms Update (Part 2)

Well I decided for the sake of my sanity, plus not really being sure I liked the ranger models, that I would use some of my Ranger of Middle Earth as Ranger of Gondor. This saved me time as they were already painted so I was able to focus instead on my Dol Amroth models.

Overall I think my converted figures turned out well. My Captain has a very dynamic pose as if sending a challenge, or maybe issuing the command to start a charge. In any case, his paint job turned out well, and I am happy with him.

My other converted figure was the Banner Carrier for Dol Amroth. I chose to use a Men-at-arms model. First because I didn't want to give up a Knight, and second, because the pike it comes with screams to be made into a banner.

I also completed all the work on my Men-at-arms models and my Knights on foot. This included finishing the paint jobs and completing all the bases to fit my base scheme for my army.

I also finished the bases for my mounted knights, but I neglected to take new pictures of them. Maybe I will get those done when I work on their display for the GiTD GT in February. Till then, here is the final pictures of my completed 350pt Primer army.



RonSaikowski said...

They look nice and I love the display board.

Have you any how to pics on making the thing?

jlong05 said...

You know. I never actually thought to take pics of creating my display board. I actually have another to use for when I expand the army to 600pts. I need to find space for 6 mounted Knights.

I think I may make a second display for it and use additional models that are not in my list but are representative of the actual army. When I do that I will get pics for that.